Carrington Local Centre

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Carrington local centre is one of the first to be renewed in 2018 as part of Newcastle City Council's local centres program.

We have worked with local businesses and residents to develop a public domain plan for Young Street, Carrington, to address streetscape, drainage, access and traffic issues.

Project scope

The project involves:

  • Tree replanting in raised planter beds
  • Upgrade of footpaths
  • Drainage renewal
  • Road resurfacing
  • Kerb and gutter improvements
  • Installation of a smart bus shelter to provide free WiFi.



Reconstruction work requires the temporary restriction of on-street parking in sections along Young Street, from Forbes Street to Cowper Street.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrians will be able to use Young Street and access businesses and home along the street throughout construction.

Vehicle traffic

Traffic controls will be in place during construction when required.

Access to homes and driveways

The reconstruction program will be scheduled to ensure access to homes along Young Street is maintained at all times. Driveway access will be restricted for short periods of time while sections of road and footpath are replaced. However, our civil works team will work with the affected occupants to minimise impacts.


Businesses will be able to remain open throughout construction. The works program will cause some temporary disruption. 

Noise and vibration

Construction machinery is noisy and may cause vibration for nearby residents and businesses. Measures will be taken where possible to minimise these impacts, including scheduling the noisiest work during the day.

Work hours

Construction work will be 7am-5pm weekdays and 8am-2pm Saturdays. Work outside these hours may be required in exceptional circumstances. Residents and businesses will be notified in advance should this occur.

Project status

Council approved the final plan for the Young Street Carrington reconstruction project on 25 October 2016. 

Construction commenced in March 2018 and is being carried out in stages. It is anticipated the project will be completed by the end of April 2019.

A drop-in session was held on 22 August 2018 to provide businesses and residents with a project update. For more detailed information, view the   estimated construction timeline (pdf).

Rear-to-kerb parking

We have implemented 90° angle parking in Young Street, Carrington, as part of the local centre renewal project.

The rear-to-kerb parking was determined the safest option following consultation and design assessments for the proposed works, and the Newcastle City Traffic Committee now mandates this parking arrangement
for all new works.

With rear-to-kerb parking, cars are able to reverse into a defined space where no vehicles are moving. When leaving the parking space, the driver has a clear view of the street and is better able to see oncoming traffic.

We have provided temporary signage and electronic message signs to help inform motorists of the changes to the parking arrangements in Young Street.
Project update
Work is nearing completion with new footpaths, kerbs, permeable gutters, landscaping and trees installed in raised planter boxes. Work will continue in the commercial section of Young Street to finalise the project.