Beresfield Childcare Centre

The Beresfield Community Children’s Education Centre is a fully accredited long day care centre, providing quality baby, toddler and pre-school programs for 59 children. The Centre caters for children with special needs and is operated by Newcastle City Council.

The centre is closed on Public Holidays and for three weeks over the Christmas break. No fees are charged for Public Holidays or during the Christmas closure.


Please contact the centre for availability and complete the application form

Parent Information Booklet

Our Philosophy

Parent and Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Results

A parent and caregiver survey has been conducted over recent years to determine Beresfield Community Children’s Education Centre (BCCEC) satisfaction levels. The Centre will utilise this information in order to improve current practice and the centre as a whole. Participation was encouraged by having parents complete the survey through contact with the engagement team to encourage participants to share honestly.

Policies and Procedures

The Centre has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures governing its operations, as required by the legislation relevant to childcare providers. The information booklet includes summaries of the information contained in some of the key policies. Please contact the centre of 4966 3150 if you would like a copy of an individual policy. There is a policy folder at the centre which is available for viewing at anytime.


The Centre has full kitchen facilities and provides a two course meal for lunch and morning and afternoon tea for each child. This often includes children with specific dietary requirements.

Allergies and Medical Conditions

Beresfield Community Childcare caters for the individual needs of all children. To assist us in ensuring that your child’s individual needs are met we ask that families who have children with medical conditions and allergies become familiar with our medical conditions policy. As per centre policies and legal requirements children with asthma and anaphylaxis must have an action plan which is updated yearly. Alongside of this a risk minimisation plan and allergy forms must be completed.

Location & Hours

Location:  6 Milton Street, Beresfield, NSW
Phone:  02 4966 3150

Hours of operation: 
Monday to Friday
7am - 5:30pm