City Engagement Charter and Framework

We are committed to being a leader in local government in Australia.  These are our guiding principles to help us achieve this, improve our service delivery and respond to our community’s needs. You can expect us to:

Be accessible and inclusive by:

  • Actively listening to our diverse community’s needs and expectations so that they may be understood and considered by the elected Council.

Actively seek input into our decision-making by:

  • Encouraging the community to provide meaningful input and feedback
  • Enabling genuine community participation and collaboration by using best practice consultation tools and techniques
  • Using emerging innovative communication technologies to engage, plan and encourage information sharing with our community.

Be open and transparent by:

  • Being clear and concise in all our communications 
  • Sharing information about services, activities and decisions
  • Regularly promoting and celebrating the achievements of City of Newcastle and the local community.

The City Engagement Charter was adopted at the Ordinary Council meeting of 21 February 2012.

 City Engagement Charter (pdf)

The Community Engagement Policy and Framework was adopted at the Ordinary Council meeting of 10 December 2013.

 Community Engagement Policy (pdf)

 City Engagement Framework (pdf)