Beaches, Parks and Recreation

Dogs in Open Space Plan

Consultation for the Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy was conducted between January and August 2018. A final plan was adopted 26 March 2019.

Outdoor Exercise Facility Strategy

The Outdoor Exercise Facility Strategy will guide the future provision, location and design of outdoor exercise facilities in Newcastle City Council. The draft Strategy was on public exhibition from 28 May to 25 June 2018.

Camp Shortland Rectification 2017

Council sought community feedback in December 2017 on potential long term uses for the section of the Newcastle 500 track infrastructure that joins the Nobbys Beach car parks through to the Horseshoe Beach car park.

Beach Kiosk Survey 2016

We ran a survey in April 2016, to find out what kiosk users thought about the six beach kiosks. The results will assist the lease renewal process.

Bar Beach Cliff Stabilisation Project and Empire Park Playground 2009

Council engaged with the community regarding an upgraded plan for the Bar Beach precinct in 2009.

Blackbutt Reserve

View results for completed community engagement activities involved with Blackbutt Reserve.


View results for completed community engagement activities surrounding cycleways.

Empire Park 2010

The Empire Park consultation sought to provide the community with information about the skate park project and obtain feedback on the proposed design.

Islington Park 2011

Broad community opinion on the current and future services and facilities at Islington Park was gathered via Newcastle Voice community reference panel members and park visitors.

Grahame Park 2012

Carrington residents voted on their preferred tree species as part of an initiative to shade the children’s playground equipment on the western portion of Grahame Park.

Leash Free Areas 2011

This consultation was conducted on behalf of Compliance Services to gather community views on Council’s leash free areas, dog agility area and areas where dogs are prohibited.

Merewether Baths 2014

This survey provided Council with community opinion surrounding future planning for the baths.

National Park 2011

A community workshop was held to assist with the development of a Plan of Management (PoM) for National Park. The PoM sets out a clear direction for the future of the Park and how this area is to be developed, managed and used over the coming years.

Newcastle Baths 2014

Community consultation was undertaken in 2014 regarding visitation and usage of the Baths, suggested improvements, and preferred commercial or development opportunities at the site.

Newcastle Foreshore 2013

Newcastle Voice conducted a survey with Newcastle Voice and members of the broad community to explore visitor needs and expectations about the Newcastle Foreshore. The results were used to help develop the Newcastle Foreshore Plan of Management.

Recreation 2013

Consultation was conducted with the community to better understand recreation patterns and to help guide the city’s future decisions about parks, public open spaces and recreation.

Wallsend Park Skate Facility 2010

Federal funding ($417,000) was obtained in 2010 for a skate park facility at Wallsend Park, which led to two workshop sessions being held to determine community expectations.

We love our coast 2010

Consultation was conducted with the community to gather opinion on the proposed recommendations from the draft Newcastle Coastal Revitalisation Masterplan.

Winter Beach Patrols 2014

The Beach / Baths Patron survey was issued in response to a Council resolution of September 2013. The online survey asked respondents if the existing winter patrols were occurring in their preferred locations.