Customer Service Annual Survey

This survey has been replaced by a Customer Service Quarterly Survey, invites are sent to those that have contacted customer service.

Those that have contacted us in the past three months are given the opportunity to complete the survey and leave feedback.

Previously, this survey was conducted with the community to gather opinion on customer service standards at Newcastle City Council. The Customer Service Survey was sent to 2487 Newcastle Voice and 2423 broader community members. In total, 767 participants completed the survey. The 2016 survey also included Section 8, which asked the community about satisfaction levels with Councils communication and engagement.  

Customer service results overview

  • Customers contacted Council primarily to request a service or maintenance.
  • 61 per cent of those who had contacted Council in last 12 months were satisfied or very satisfied with their customer service experience.
  • 75 per cent of all survey respondents had contacted Council via telephone in the last 12 months, this was the most popular method for contacting Council, followed by email (38%).
  • Performance ratings for in person and telephone customer service were notably higher than the ratings for email and mail based customer service.

Communications and engagement overview

  • 40 per cent of participants were satisfied with the types of communication they had seen in the past 12 months regarding Council services, activities and events. 19 per cent were dissatisfied.
  • The most common form of communication experienced by participants was the Council website (53% n=370) followed by Local Newspaper (47% n=330) and Newcastle Voice (45% n= 315).
  • Overall, the majority of participants selected that the communications they could recall over the last 12 months had been effective.
  • The most popular activity that respondents had participated in were on line surveys (48%) followed by none of the above (42%) and community workshops (15%).
  • Participants identified that they would like to take part in more on line surveys (42%) and community workshops (25%).


Survey results from previous years: