Expression of Interest

Newcastle Coastal Planning Working Group Community Representatives

We invite community representatives to be a key part of the Newcastle Coastal Planning Working Group.

Purpose of Working Group

The Newcastle Coastal Planning Working Group (Working Group) will provide strategic guidance to the preparation of the Newcastle Coastal Management Program (CMP) under the   Coastal Management Act 2016.  The Newcastle CMP will build upon the Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018.  The Newcastle CMP will cover the open coast from Stockton Beach in the north through to Merewether Beach in the south.  The Newcastle CMP will also include the lower part of the Hunter River Estuary around the Port of Newcastle.

The formation of the Working Group facilitates the implementation of management action CH10 from Part A of the   Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018.

The objective of the Working Group is to provide assistance and advice to the City of Newcastle in the preparation of the Newcastle CMP. 

This may include:
  • Identification of studies and technical documents to inform the CMP process
  • Provide advice on coastal issues, including current or emerging issues
  • Provide advice regarding the implementation of the Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan 2018.
See the   Newcastle Coastal Planning Working Group Draft Terms of Reference (pdf) for further detailed information.

Community representatives required

The Working Group shall include five community representatives from across the coastal area.

Selection criteria for community representatives

Written applications must address the following selection criteria:

  1. Knowledge of coastal issues and management (including coastal hazards, biodiversity, water, recreation and heritage)
  2. Knowledge of coastal legislation and policy
  3. Understanding of the role of local government
  4. Commitment to participatory and consultative process
  5. Ability to develop and sustain contacts with key groups within the local community.

Responsibility of members

Members are expected to:

  • Understand the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to management of the coast
  • Be able to contribute the time needed to understand information provided and to attend Working Group meetings held for approximately two hours at least four times per year
  • Provide advice and feedback on matters brought before the Working Group
  • Comply with City of Newcastle's   Code of Conduct.
Those Community Members selected will be considered volunteers, therefore must comply with City of Newcastle's  Volunteer Framework and are required to undergo  induction (pdf).  All volunteers over the age of 18 are required to provide a valid Working With Children Check (see Volunteer Framework information under 'What you need to provide' for further details).

How to submit an expression of interest

Written nominations addressing the selection criteria should be sent to by 5pm, Tuesday 18 December 2018.

For further information please contact Mark Manning, Senior Strategist Environment on 4974 2852.