Amendment to Newcastle DCP 2012

Comments are invited on the draft Newcastle Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012 Section 6.02 Heritage Conservation Areas.  Proposed amendments include:

  • guidance on Heritage Impact Statements
  • definitions, objectives and controls for contributory, neutral and non-contributory buildings
  • building envelope controls.

Public Exhibition period

The draft Newcastle DCP 2012 Section 6.02 Heritage Conservation Areas is on public exhibition from Monday 8 April until Thursday 9 May 2019 and is available for viewing in hard copy at:
  1. The City Administration Centre, 282 King Street, Newcastle
  2. Newcastle Region Library, Laman Street, Newcastle and Hamilton Library, James Street, Hamilton

The following documents are available for comment

  •   draft Newcastle DCP 2012 Section 6.02 Heritage Conservation Areas (pdf) 
  •   terms to be inserted into draft Newcastle DCP 2012 Section 9.00 Glossary (pdf)

Supporting documents

Written comments should be sent by


or mail to:

The Chief Executive Officer
City of Newcastle
Attention:  Tom Smith
PO Box 489

by close of business on Thursday 9 May 2019.  Please reference 'draft Section 6.02 of the Newcastle DCP 2012' in the title of your submission.


 Tom Smith 4974 2856