Draft Section 7.12 Contributions Plan 2019

Comments are invited on the draft Section 7.12 Newcastle Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2019 (draft Plan).  The draft Plan replaces City of Newcastle’s Section 94A Plan and the following amendments are proposed:

  •  Inclusion of Part C – Honeysuckle Development Area.
  • Removal of the city centre non-residential development levy, to apply a 3% levy to all city centre developments over $250,000.
  • Include a new levy for development in the City Centre to capture development with an estimated cost between $100,001 - $250,000.
  • Change to requirements for cost summary reports.
  • Administrative review to ensure consistency with EP&A Act, including a change of plan name. 

Public Exhibition period

The draft Plan is on public exhibition from Monday 6 May until Tuesday 11 June 2019 and is available for viewing in hard copy at:
  • The City Administration Centre, 282 King Street, Newcastle

The following document is available for comment

Supporting document

Written comments should be sent by

email:  mail@ncc.nsw.gov.au 

or mail to:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Newcastle
Attention:  Shannon Turkington
PO Box 489

by close of business on Tuesday 11 June 2019.  Please reference 'draft Section 7.12 Newcastle Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2019' in the title of your submission.


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