Completed Engagement Projects

You can read reports and findings from consultation activities here.

Blackbutt Reserve Visitor Survey 2016

The 2016 Blackbutt Reserve survey was undertaken to better understand why and how people visit. The results of this survey will guide the management and works program of Blackbutt Reserve.

Community Development Sector Review: Survey & Workshop Results 2016

View results from the Community Development Sector Review undertaken in 2016.

Community Survey 2016

The 2016 Community Survey was undertaken to better understand key issues, community needs and priorities.

Household Waste Survey 2016

Newcastle City Council's Waste Management team is currently developing a Waste Strategy. As part of this process, Council's Community Engagement team was asked to gain feedback from the community.

Council Street Cooks Hill Infrastructure Rehabilitation 2016

Overview of the completed consultation on the rehabilitation project. Consultation for this project was undertaken in June and November 2015.

Customer Service Survey 2016

A survey was conducted with the community to gather opinion on customer service standards at Newcastle City Council.

Beach Kiosk Survey 2016

We ran a survey in April 2016, to find out what kiosk users thought about the six beach kiosks. The results will assist the lease renewal process.

Civic Park Community Workshops 2016

Participants were asked to share what they value about the park and identify areas for improvement. Feedback gained through the workshop will assist with future planning and developing a Conservation Management Plan.

Public Domain Plans: Beresfield and Stockton 2016

Public Domain Plans are being prepared for Beresfield and Stockton town centres in 2016. These plans will inform investment in the public infrastructure of the town centres into the short and medium term. A key component of the development of the...

Safe City Survey 2016

We asked Newcastle to tell us what they thought about crime and safety issues in the Newcastle Local Government area.

Shepherds Hill Defence Group Conservation Management Plan 2016

Councillors were briefed on the draft CMP on Tuesday 19 July and a Community Information Session was held on Thursday 28 July 2016.

Trial Flash Flood Alert Service: Satisfaction Survey 2016

Satisfaction survey sent to users to evaluate the trial. This was required to assist Council's decision-making on whether to roll out the service City-Wide or discontinue it.

Young Street Reconstruction Project

Council plans to undertake full road and footpath reconstruction at Young Street Carrington and has been working with local residents and businesses to ensure their concerns and the things they value about Young Street are incorporated into the...

Past Engagement Projects

Projects completed before 2017 can be found here.