Public Voice

Council allows residents and ratepayers the chance to voice opinions or concerns directly to Councillors at a Council meeting under certain circumstances.

This opportunity is called a Public Voice Session. The purpose of the Public Voice Session is to:

  • Allow Council to hear directly from affected parties of their concerns regarding proposed development and also hear from the developers in response
  • Allow individuals or organisations to present information about new ideas or recent developments relevant to local government
  • Promote balanced decision making in relation to planning and development proposals.

Applying for Public Voice

You need to apply for a Public Voice Session.

Download your   Public Voice Application (pdf).

Applications for public voice in relation to planning and development matters must be lodged prior to the end of the applicable notification period (as specified by Development Control Plan No 49 - Public Notification).

You will need to tell Council what you wish to talk about on the application form and identify the names, phone numbers or other contact details for each speaker (generally not more than two).

You will be advised of the scheduled date for the Public Voice Session together with general information about making your address. Confirmation of acceptance by telephone is required.

Your privacy

The  Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998  (PPIP Act) came into operation on 1 July 2000.

Information contained in any submission made to Council in relation to a DA may be 'personal information' for the purposes of the PPIP Act.

Details of any submission, including your personal information, may be made available to:

  • Officers within the Council for the purpose of assessing your submission
  • Consultants who may be working for Council
  • The applicant/owner or their appointed representatives
  • People who apply to view Council’s file relating to the application in accordance with Council’s.

Details of any submission may be included in Council Reports. Council Reports are public documents.

Information may be withheld from Council reports where 'OBJECTION IN CONFIDENCE' is stated clearly on a submission, but only if such constitutes 'personal information' as defined under the PPIP Act.

However, personal information will be provided in response to a valid application made under the
 Freedom on Information Act 1989  (NSW).

Making a submission

Anybody can make a submission regarding proposed development. Council must take these submissions into consideration when assessing development applications.

Go to the   Comments and Objections page to find out more on how to make a submission to Council.