Annual Report & Financial Statements

Each year Council provides a high volume of works and services to the Community. On an annual basis we are required to report on these works to the Division of Local Government.

The Annual report provides a snapshot of our achievements in delivering on the seven key themes of the Community Strategic Plan - Newcastle 2030:

  • Connected City
  • Protected and enhanced environment
  • Vibrant and activated public places
  • Caring and inclusive community
  • Liveable and distinctive built environment
  • Smart and innovative city
  • Open and collaborative leadership.

The Report also contains statutory reporting requirements including:

  • Achievement of actions and Key Performance Indicators identified in the four year delivery program
  • A summary of Council’s audited financial performance
  • Contracts/works awarded over $150,000
  • Contributions and grants awarded
  • Details of overseas visits on official Council business by the Lord Mayor, Councillors of Council officers.

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