Trees-Permit Application for Native Vegetation Removal

The Permit Application for Native Vegetation Removal is to be used when seeking approval to clear native vegetation on private land, and the removal is not associated with development.  See    Part C of the Urban Forest Technical Manual for further information.

This form should not be used for applications involving vegetation that:  is or forms part of a heritage item; or is within a heritage conservation area; or that is or forms part of an Aboriginal object; or that is within an Aboriginal place of heritage significance.  In these instances lodge a   Heritage Notification Form and seek Council's endorsement that the works are considered minor and would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the item or property.  If Council's endorsement is not given, you will be required to lodge a Development Application in accordance with Clause 5.10(3) of the   Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Please ensure all information is clearly legible and all documents/payments are received by Council on lodgement, otherwise the application cannot be processed or accepted.