Resident Parking Authority Permit Application

Resident Parking Permits are intended to cater for residents with no off-street parking. If you have off-street parking, you are required to utilise it.

Who is eligible to apply for a resident parking permit?

  • If you do not have any on-site parking spaces, you may be eligible for up to two residential permits and one visitor permit
  • If you have one on-site space and two cars, you may be eligible for one residential permit and one visitor permit
  • If you have one on-site space and one car, you are not eligible for a residential permit but may be eligible for a visitors permit
  • If you have 2 or more on-site parking spaces, you are not eligible for residential or visitor parking permits.

You may be eligible for a resident parking permit if:

  • You reside in a permit parking precinct
  • You are a permanent resident of the Newcastle LGA, and not a guest of a hotel, hostel or serviced apartment
  • Your property has no on-site parking, and no space that could reasonably be converted to parking
  • Your vehicle is registered in your name at your permanent residential address or you have full private use of a work vehicle (Confirmation is required in writing from your employer)
  • Your vehicle is not a trailer, motor home, caravan, truck, bus or tractor and Your vehicle is registered in NSW.
Not all residential properties within the Newcastle LGA Permit Parking Precincts are eligible for Permits. If you live within a residential parking precinct, in a building approved or converted to residential use after 25 May 2009, you will not be eligible.

Resident Parking Precinct Maps

  1.  Precinct 1 - Newcastle East 
  2.  Precinct 2 - Darby Street
  3.  Precinct 3 - The Hill
  4.  Precinct 4 - Cooks Hill
  5.  Precinct 5 - Hamilton
  6.  Precinct 6 - Adamstown
  7.  Precinct 7 - Central
  8.  Precinct 8 - Nine Ways
  9.  Precinct 9 - Broadmeadow
  10.  Precinct 10 - Broadmeadow East
  11.  Precinct 11 - Cooks Hill
  12.  Precinct 12 - Waratah
  13.  Precinct 13 - Waratah
  14.  Precinct 14 - Wickham
  15.  Precinct 15 - Wickham
  16.  Precinct16 - Islington
  17.  Precinct 17 - Hamilton East
  18.  CBD Exclusion Zone
  19.  Hamilton Exclusion Zone

How do I apply?

Mail, Fax, In Person

Download the application form or pick one up from our Customer Enquiry Centre at 282 King Street, Newcastle.

Submit your completed application form by:


City of Newcastle
Attention: Parking Operations
PO Box 489
Newcastle NSW 2300


02 4974 2222

In Person

City of Newcastle
Customer Enquiry Counter
282 King Street, Newcastle.

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5pm

If you are lodging your application by mail you must include payment (cheque or money order made out to City of Newcastle, credit card payments will be taken over the phone after application and documentation has been received). You must also supply copies of all required documents. Do not mail original documents.

If you are lodging your application by fax a customer service officer will contact you via phone to accept credit card payment.

What documentation will I need to provide to accompany the application?

In order to issue you with a resident parking permit, City of Newcastle needs to view sufficient evidence that establishes the link between the nominated vehicle/s, the place of residence and the applicant. The most appropriate manner to do this is to present the vehicle’s current registration papers provided that the applicant is the registered owner and resides at the nominated address along with current drivers licence, utility notice, rates notice or tenancy agreement.

If you are not the registered owner you are required to provide the vehicle/s current registration papers along with a Statutory Declaration from the registered owner of the vehicle stating your use of the vehicle and any two of the following documents: Drivers licence, utility notice, rates notice or tenancy agreement.

Is the resident parking permit transferable?


Are there any limitations of where I can park?

It is important to note the permit allows the holder to unrestricted parking only within the zone of the nominated precinct.

A resident or resident visitor parking permit does not exempt your vehicle from general road signs unless they contain the words ‘permit holder excepted’ or 'authorised residents vehicles excepted’ and the corresponding precinct number to that shown on your permit.

Further information

If you need further information on resident or resident visitor parking permits you can contact us on:

Phone: 02 4974 2000
Fax: 02 4974 2222

Or download the application form to view the Conditions of Use.