Council update - 8 December 2015

08 Dec 2015

Following is a summary of the Ordinary Council meeting of 8 December 2015. Note: It is not a record of resolutions. 

Lord Mayoral Minute: National Geographic Partnership
Council supported the Lord Mayoral Minute to explore a partnership with National Geographic as part of the 'Smart Cities of the World: A National Geographic global initiative.' Council also resolved to invite National Geographic to a workshop in February 2016.
Code of Conduct complaints statistics report
Council received the annual report on Code of Conduct complaints for the period 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2015.
Newcastle Show Holiday community engagement feedback
Council resolved for this item to lie on the table.
Submissions for proposed lease of 33 Samdon Street, Hamilton to Adamstown Pre-school
Council resolved to grant a lease for the above property to Adamstown Preschool Services subject to Ministerial for Local Government. The site is the former bowling club in Gregson Park.
Street Tree Selection Manual
Council resolved for the document to be placed on public exhibition and for a briefing to be held on the Street Tree Masterplan before the February 2016 meeting.
Frances Street/Boscawen Street, Wallsend - Road hump installation
Council approved the installation of a road hump at the bend of Frances Street/Boscawen Street, Wallsend.
Review of Council grant and sponsorship policies
Council resolved to place the following policies on public exhibition:
·         Draft Recreation Facilities Grant Program
·         Events Sponsorship
·         Economic Development
·         Economic Development Sponsorship
·         Community Assistance Grant and Place Making Grant.
505 Minmi Road, Fletcher - Adoption of amendment to Newcastle Local Environment Plan 2012
Council resolved to not proceed with a planning proposal for the above site.
Amendment to section 3.02 Single Dwellings - Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012
Council resolved to place amendments to the above section of the Newcastle DCP 2012 on public exhibition for 28 days.
162A Newcastle Road, Wallsend - Endorsement of proposed amendment to Newcastle LEP 2012
Council endorsed the proposal to rezone the above land from RE1 public recreation to R3 medium density residential. The proposal will be forwarded to the Minister for Planning and Environment for gateway determination.
Frith and Gavey Streets, Mayfield - Endorsement of proposed amendment to Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012
Council endorsed the proposal to rezone the above land from IN3 heavy industrial to IN2 light industrial. The proposal will be forwarded to the Minister for Planning and Environment for gateway determination.
Coal River Precinct Heritage Masterplan
Council resolved to support the inclusion of the Coal River Precinct on the National Heritage List (NHL) and noted the 2016/2017 Operational Plan will include a heritage master plan for the precinct.

Adoption of Social Strategy 2016/2019
Council adopted the above strategy.
Endorsement of exhibition of the draft Access and Inclusion Plan (Disability Plan) 2016/2020
Council resolved to place the draft plan on public exhibition for 28 days and receive a report on the submissions.
Adoption of Youth Week Grant Policy
Council adopted the above policy.
Temporary suspension of alcohol free zone for upcoming events
Council temporarily suspended the alcohol free zone at Nobby Beach car parks and the surrounding areas on Sunday 20 March 2016 from 6am to midnight.
UrbanGrowth NSW Revitalising Newcastle feedback
Council received the report on the Revitalising Newcastle community engagement.
Review of the instruments of delegation
Council adopted the instrument of delegation for the Lord Mayor and Chief Executive Officer.

Notice of Motion

Notice of motion to rescind a council resolution - Item 103 Late item of business - CCL 27/10/15 - General Manager's Performance Review Panel Report (Part A)
Council supported the rescission motion with the exclusion of A1 and A5.
Notice of motion to rescind a council resolution - Item 103 Late item of business - CCL 27/10/15 - General Manager's Performance Review Panel Report (Parts B, C and D)
This item was ruled out of order.
Public transport in Newcastle
Council supported the a notice of motion reiterating support for a geographically focused Hunter Transport Authority to provide a governance structure that allows the region to determine public transport outcomes and investigates opportunities for further transport reform to support a focus on door-to-door customer journeys through greater focus on interchange and multi-modal integration.
Council also reiterated importance of collaboration with Transport for NSW and the NSW Government to establish an integrated transport management plan for the city and Region as a priority and supported continued public ownership, maintenance and operation of the current Hunter transport services including buses, trains, ferries and hubs/Interchanges.
Open, transparent and accountable Council practices
Council supported notice of motion to prepare a report on draft changes to the Code of Meeting Practice including
  • making all Councillor/staff workshops and briefings open to the public, subject to requirements governing genuinely confidential matters
  • measures which will allow members of the public to address meetings on agenda items and ask questions at Council meetings, committee meetings and workshops
  • procedures relating to unlawful business excluded on the agenda by the General Manager and
  • provisions for including the Terms of Reference for Strategic Advisory Committees and other Council Committees in the Code of Meeting Practice, allow regular reports and recommendations to Council and ability to move into committee of the whole.
Tidying up Headland Reserve King Edward Park
Council supported the notice of motion authorising the interim CEO to liaise with the Minister responsible for Crown Land and Officers of the relevant Crown lands departments to tidy up the area and restore public access to the site.
Protecting our land and our water
Council supported the notice of motion to write to the Mike Baird, Premier Minister for Western Sydney, Anthony Roberts, Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy and Scot MacDonald MLC Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter requesting that the State Government cancel, extinguish or buy back the petroleum exploration licence PEL 458 which is still in operation over most of the Newcastle local government area and a large proportion of the Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens local government areas.