Orchardtown Road, New Lambton

Project Scope

To resolve streetscape, access and traffic issues and inform infrastructure renewal in Orchardtown Road, New Lambton Neighbourhood Centre.

What is the process and where are we up to?

The Neighbourhood Centre of Orchardtown Road, New Lambton has been prioritised for improvements. A public domain plan addressing road and footpath layout, lighting and landscaping, will be developed to resolve issues and guide renewal works.

Council ran a survey in December 2017 to gain feedback from the community about issues related to the public domain and priorities for improvements.
The information provided by the community is being used with data gathered from a site analysis to inform a draft public domain plan.
The   Public Domain Planning Process Flow Chart outlines the process in more detail.

Neighbourhood centre area

The area being investigated by Council can be seen in the  Orchardtown Road scope (pdf)