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In May 2015 Newcastle’s elected Council resolved to develop a Town Centre Master Plan for Wallsend. This became part of the Local Centres Public Domain Renewal Program, which commenced in 2016.

Under the program, Wallsend Local Centre was audited and assessed as a high priority for renewal.

The objectives of the Wallsend Local Centre Public Domain and Traffic Plan (PDP) include:

  • Improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic
  • Reduced crime and improved safety from crime
  • Improved connectivity, accessibility and wayfinding
  • Improved amenity and human comfort (seating, shade etc)
  • Environmental improvements such as increased tree canopy
  • Improved aesthetics and design
  • Improved business environment.

Community consultation

Community consultation was undertaken in November 2016 to inform the Wallsend PDP. The draft plan was exhibited to the public from 3 – 31 May 2017.

Issues were raised regarding proposed changes to Cowper Street and the location of the bus stop on Bunn Street. As a result, further traffic plans for Bunn Street and Cowper Street were exhibited from 12 March – 11 April 2018.

The Cowper Street and Bunn Street traffic plans were incorporated into the   final Wallsend Public Domain Plan, which was adopted by the elected Council in May 2018.

Project scope

The proposed improvements are intended to benefit residents, businesses, property owners and users of the centre. The project will include:
  • Renewal of aging infrastructure, including roads, footpaths, lighting and drainage
  • Improved presentation through provision of new good quality infrastructure with integrated trees and landscaping
  • Making Cowper Street a 40km/hour High Pedestrian Activity Area between Bulkara Street and Newcastle Road
  • Upgrading Cowper Street, including the Kokera Street, Nelson Street and Newcastle Road intersections
  • Creating safe and direct connections by providing missing sections of shared path in line with the Newcastle Cycling Strategy and Action Plan 2012
  • Relocating the northbound bus stop on Bunn Street away from Merindah Childcare Centre to address problems with antisocial behaviour affecting children in the play area.
  • Providing free WiFi on Nelson Street.

Project status

A flood mitigation project with measures to reduce the frequency and severity of flooding in Wallsend, has been developed alongside the Wallsend Public Domain Plan.

We have combined the public domain renewal project with the flood mitigation project, to form one long term vision staged for delivery over coming years.

Timing for the first stages of construction is as follows:
Stage 1: Relocation of the northbound bus stop on Bunn Street from outside Merindah Childcare Centre, to outside Wallsend Library, is scheduled to commence on site in August 2019.

Stage 2: Demolition and reconstruction of Tyrrell Street bridge, with a higher, longer bridge, including renewal of utilities through the bridge. Works may commence on site as soon as September 2019, however there is currently a freeze on Ausgrid live works and project commencement will be confirmed when Ausgrid are able to undertake those works.

Future stages: Detail design of traffic signals at the intersection of Cowper Street and Kokera Street is scheduled for 2019/20.

 View the Wallsend Local Centre Public Domain Planning Process Flow Chart (pdf)

Upcoming Work
Tyrrell Street Bridge
Works will commence on the replacement of Tyrrell Street bridge from Monday 12 August 2019. 
This project is the first step in a larger program of ongoing flood mitigation works to benefit residents, businesses, property owners and the users of Wallsend Local Centre.
Details of the project are as follows:
  • Replace existing bridge with a higher, longer bridge
  • Road closure of Tyrrell Street at the bridge for the duration of works
  • Redirect traffic and bus routes during construction of bridge. 
Bunn Street
Relocation of the northbound bus stop on Bunn Street from outside Merindah Childcare Centre to outside Wallsend Library will commence on Monday 12 August 2019. 
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