East End Stage One Streetscape Plan

Blue stone footpaths, cobblestone laneways and new outdoor eating and retail opportunities are part of the City's plans to overhaul Hunter Street East.
Adopted by Council in 2018, The Hunter Street Newcastle East End Stage One Streetscape Plan will complement the current redevelopment of the David Jones building and nearby projects to reinvigorate two blocks bound by Perkins, Newcomen, King and Scott streets

The East End Stage One Streetscape Plan focuses on the upgrade of Hunter Street between the intersection with Scott Street to the west, and the intersection with Newcomen Street to the east.  The study will also capture Market Square located at the southern end of Market Street, side streets including Perkins, Wolfe, Thorn, Market, Morgan and Newcomen Streets as well as a network of laneways and stairs between King and Hunter Streets.

The document defines the character of each space within the study area as well as establishing a materials palette that is integrated with Council's Technical Manual and Street Tree Master Plan documents.    East End Stage One (pdf).