City Centre Project Updates

Museum Place Civic Link

The renovation of the Civic Station including improved pedestrian access from Civic to the foreshore has commenced construction. These works are being completed by Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation.  Visit their website for more information.

Hunter Street footpath works

The footpath works associated with the installation of the light rail are drawing to a close with minor defects undergoing amelioration works. City of Newcastle will commence the installation of new bike racks and bench seats throughout June and July. These works will be followed by new street trees and groundcovers.

East End Streetscape

The East End Stage One Streetscape Master Plan was adopted in 2018 covering Hunter Street Mall and adjoining streets. We have commenced detailed investigations associated with the detailed planning for the staged installation of these works.

The designers will work closely with the community and developers to provide a highly integrated streetscape.

Detailed planning is scheduled for completion within the next 12 months.  Construction will be staged with neighbouring developments to minimise impacts to the local businesses and residents.

Foreshore Precinct

East End Foreshore Precinct Master Planning for the Foreshore Precinct will commence in the 2019-2020 financial year.  This will include areas defined within the   Foreshore Plan of Management.   Works will include:
  • Improved cycle and pedestrian links from the Civic Precinct to Bathers Way
  • Landscape upgrades along the foreshore
  • Master Planning to Foreshore Park including upgrades to the playground and event spaces.

West End Streetscape

The West End Stage 2 Streetscape Plan was adopted in July 2019 (The Plan). The Plan will provide a strategic guideline for the design and implementation of public domain works within Newcastle’s West End.

The Plan provides many improvements to the streetscape including:
  • Uniform footpaths improving accessibility and ease of walking
  • Increased opportunities for pedestrians to cross Hunter Street
  • Increased numbers of street trees
  • Landscaped gardens, and the creation of alfresco dining areas
  • Two important bi-directional cycleways, increasing both the east-west and north-south cyclist connectivity within the city.

 View plans and associated documents.