What is Proposed?

1. What is the Program/Overview?

Coastal revitalisation works consist of planning, design and construction of improvements to public land along the coast. 

In particular it will focus on the upgrade of Bathers Way a scenic coastal walk from Merewether Baths in the south to Nobbys headland.  It includes 5.8km of wider shared pathway, viewing areas, seating, plantings, shade, lighting, bins, bike racks and bubblers. Bathers Way connects with the recently opened Newcastle Memorial Walk at Strzelecki Headland.

Coastal revitalisation works also consist of improving use and access to coastal buildings, traffic and parking improvements, cliff stablisation, dune regeneration, water sensitive urban design initiatives, signage and heritage interpretation.

To complete the works within this timeframe, construction will occur year round, including in the warmer months.  The outcome will be a substantial improvement for all to enjoy.

This video provides a snapshot of works undertaken at Merewether Beach and what is expected all along our beautiful coastline.


2. What main studies apply?

The main studies that apply to the coast are:

Newcastle Coastal Plan of Management (Adopted 2015)

 The Plan of Management (pdf) provides the management framework for the future use, maintenance and improvement of public land. 

Newcastle Coastal Revitalisation Strategy Master Plan Report (September 2010)

 Newcastle Coastal Revitalisation Strategy (pdf) provides a strategic framework for the future uses of the 11km coastal land within the Newcastle Local Government Area.  The project is jointly sponsored by NSW Land and Property Management Authority, City of Newcastle and Hunter Surf Lifesaving, all of whom are significant stakeholders of the coastline.

Bathers Way Public Domain Plan (Adopted 2012)

The Bathers Way connects Newcastle's five main beaches from Merewether Ocean Baths to Nobbys Beach.  The Bathers Way will be upgraded to provide comfortable pedestrian and cycle access for diverse recreational uses along our beautiful coast, including wider shared pathways, shade, seating and viewing areas. View the   Bathers Way Public Domain Plan (pdf).

Merewether Beach Public Domain Plan (Adopted 2010)

Merewether Beach is one of Newcastle’s famous beaches and has been designated as a National Surfing Reserve.  The Merewether Beach Public Domain Plan was adopted by Council in July 2010. The plan proposes improvements for the community from Merewether Ocean Baths to Dixon Park. View the   Merewether Beach Public Domain Plan (pdf).

South Stockton Public Domain Plan (Adopted 2012)

The South Stockton Public Domain Plan focuses on the southern parts of Stockton Reserves, being Pitt Street Reserve, Griffith Park and Ballast Ground and provides a framework for public domain improvements for the area. View the   South Stockton Public Domain Plan (pdf).

3. What is the planning process?

The Community contributes to the improvement of our coast at each stage of the   planning process (pdf).

4. Where will I see improvements?

Along Bathers Way there will be improved widened pathways, new furniture, plantings, seating, bins and lighting. Other works along the coast will include cliff stabilisation, traffic and parking improvements and re-use of iconic coastal buildings   view the map (pdf). 

5. Frequently Asked Questions

The Coastal Revitalisation Program is in various stages of delivery, from the initial planning phase right through to construction. To assist in providing consistent responses to enquiries, educating the community and enabling Council to continue the implementation of Coastal works efficiently, this FAQ answers some of the most commonly asked questions from the community.