Wickham - Albert Street Roadworks

Implementation of the Wickham Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) plan is commencing in Albert Street as part of the Wickham Master Plan.

This will involve the realignment of the road at Branch Street and Albert Streets and changes to the Albert and Railway Street intersection. Separate works to install road cushion will occur in Albert Street west of John Street.  The upcoming works will increase pedestrian safety while improving traffic flow in the neighbourhood.

Stage One will start in May 2019 and is expected to be completed by late 2019. This stage includes:
  • Construction of a new roundabout and two pedestrian refuges in Albert Street at Railway Street
  • Construction of a new pedestrian refuge at Branch Street
  • Construction of kerb extensions
  • Construction of a section of 2.5m wide shared pathway
  • Median extension in Branch Street
  • Upgrade of the existing street lighting.
The Wickham Master Plan was developed for the Wickham precinct and a study of local area traffic management in Wickham was undertaken following consultation with residents.
More information can be found in the  Wickham Master Plan 

What to expect during construction 

Work hours will be Monday to Saturday during daylight hours. Notification will be provided to affected businesses and residents if work is required outside of these times.  Road closures and detours will be required, with traffic control in place. Pedestrians will be diverted around the work site.

There will be some noise from machinery and increased truck movements in and around the work zone.

Thank you for your cooperation while we complete these road works.