Kotara - Kotara Park and Park Avenue works

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City of Newcastle is undertaking a rehabilitation project at Kotara Park to address current stormwater issues. The project will be completed in 3 stages. 

Stage 1 - Complete

Stage 1 was completed in 2015 and included the following updates:

  • Construction of a Low Flow Diversion Bank (bund)
  • Reconstruction of the car park
  • Associated landscaping to affected areas.

Stage 2 - Creek Rehabilitation - In progress

Stage 2 is progresing and is expected to be completed in September 2019, weather permitting. The works incorporate creekline rehabilitation works to remediate and prevent any future erosion issues. This rehabilitation project takes into account natural channel design principles, infiltration options, potential surface changes, possible water quality improvements and the continued use of the site. The scope of work includes realigning the channel to increase capacity, installing rock structures to protect the creek banks, and improving access, amenity, water quality, habitat and stormwater movement. 

Works to upgrade the capacity of the Howell St culvert and relocation of the amenities building serving the park will also be undertake at this time.

The creek rehabilitation stage will be undertaken in 2 sections:

Section 1

Section 1 has been successfully completed. Works from Railway Avenue culvert, west for 100m in current works. City of Newcastle has contracted Soil Conservation Service to undertake this section. 

Section 2

From Railway Avenue culvert, east to the culvert at Howell Street. This stage is dependent on the completion of other works in the park.

Traffic management will be in place to manage truck and pedestrian access to the construction site.

Stage 3 - Road Reconstruction

Stage 3 involves road reconstruction works in Park Avenue and Howell Street. This includes construction of a roundabout at Seaview Street as identified in the Kotara and Adamstown Heights Traffic and Parking Study adopted by Council in 2012.  Stage 3 is planned to commence in 2019.
A detailed flood assessment was undertaken to inform the design of the creek rehabilitation and road reconstruction.