Cooks Hill - Swan Street renewal

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We are continuing with renewal works in Swan Street, Cooks Hill, between Darby Street and Mosbri Crescent with current drainage rehabilitation works including excavation and the laying of new pipes and partial footpath reconstruction. 

What will be completed as part of the project?

The street drainage network from Darby Street to the intersection of Mosbri Crescent will be upgraded:

  • Footpaths, kerb and gutter will be replaced in Swan Street (from Railway to Mosbri Crescent) and Queen Street (from Darby Street to Railway Street)
  • Reconstruction of Swan Street (from Railway Street to just north of Mosbri Crescent) and resurfacing of Queen Street (from Darby Street to Railway Street) will be carried out
  • Following completion of the construction work, the selected street trees will be planted.
The project will reduce future maintenance, extend asset life and create more capacity for community use. It will also alleviate the problems associated with the current deteriorated infrastructure and property damage.

After encountering issues with underground electricity assets being incorrectly placed at the commencement of works, the project will now extend north around 76m into Darby Street.  Road and pedestrian access to this area will be affected for the duration of the work.

Estimated Construction Timeline (current works)

  • Section 1 (pink) - Works include the installation of new footpath, kerb, gutter and drainage. Works commenced October 2018 with expected completion by mid-December 2018
  • Section 2 (blue) - Works to commence January 2019 with expected completion by mid-2019
  • Section 3 (yellow) - Works expected to commence mid-2019
  • Section 4 (green) - Works expected to commence late 2019
  • Completed (red).
Swan Street map

Previously completed works

The overall project commenced in August 2017 with the removal of 24 street trees which will be replaced with tree species selected by the residents on completion of the renewal work. Traffic signals and street lights were also previously relocated, as well as trenching and repositioning of gas, water and telecommunication services.