What the Community Said


Newcastle 2030 invited as many people as possible to be part of the conversation.

Our shared vision was developed in a process of intensive community engagement over 18 months. The engagement process began at local community events and was followed with a major community forum, surveys, online discussions and focused community workshops. Over 1,500 people directly helped develop the Newcastle 2030 Vision with more than 4,000 conversations about our future.

The focus of these conversations was to identify the needs and aspirations of the community and determine future priorities based on our strengths, challenges and opportunities. 

Together, we developed an ambitious long-term vision that deserves commitment. The Community Strategic Plan identifies objectives, strategies and key partnerships necessary to fulfil our vision. Council, residents, community agencies, other government bodies and business are working within this plan and taking responsibility for key areas.

Our community values

Our community values emerged from our 2030 discussions and now help support our shared Vision. Our values describe what is most important to us as Novocastrians.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in helping to achieve the 2030 vision. Check out News and Events to find out more.