Current Strategic Directions

Integrated and Accessible Transport

In 2030 our transport networks and services will be well connected and convenient. Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for getting around the city.

Protected Environment

In 2030 our unique environment will be understood, maintained and protected.

Vibrant, Safe and Active Public Places

In 2030 we will be a city of great places and neighbourhoods promoting peoples health, happiness and wellbeing.

Inclusive Community

In 2030 we will be a thriving community where diversity is embraced, everyone is valued and has the opportunity to contribute and belong.

Liveable Built Environment

In 2030 we will live in an attractive city built around people and reflecting our sense of identity.

Smart and Innovative

In 2030 we will be a leader in smart innovations with a healthy, diverse and resilient economy.

Open and Collaborative Leadership

In 2030 we will have a strong local democracy with an actively engaged community and effective partnerships.