Open and Collaborative Leadership

In 2030 we will have a strong local democracy with an actively engaged community and effective partnerships.

Our open and collaborative leadership provides the foundation for excellent governance where we have a shared approach to delivering strategic outcomes. We want to address social, environmental, economic and civic issues by inclusive and effective processes. Widespread community involvement in local planning makes good sense for the design and use of assets and services. Our services are better suited to community needs and achieved with efficient use of resources.

What We Want As a Community

The Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan was developed following a significant shared planning process with direct input from a wide cross section of the community. It seeks to build on our strengths and unique assets, and describes our shared long term vision for a resilient city that is smart, liveable and sustainable.

Open and Collaborative Leadership objectives

7.1 Integrated, sustainable long-term planning for Newcastle and the Region.
7.2 Considered decision-making based on collaborative, transparent and accountable leadership.
7.3 Active citizen engagement in local planning and decision-making processes and a shared
      responsibility for achieving our goals.
7.4 A local government organisation of excellence.