Measuring Progress

The tools we use to measure our progress are called community indicators. They give us an accurate idea of how we are performing at ground level, and help us deliver the Newcastle 2030 vision.
(Source: End of Term Report 2012-2016)

Each indicator is measured using data collected by Council, government or community-based agencies. Analysis of the indicators helps us understand how effectively we are contributing to positive change within our community.
Since the establishment of the community indicators in 2011, Council has reviewed service levels and program delivery in a number of areas resulting in some data sources no longer being collected. Other indicators rely on Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census data collected every five years. Community indicators will be reviewed in the next version of the CSP to be developed during 2017.

The  End of Term Report 2012 - 2016 (pdf) provides an update on City Of Newcastle's progress towards achieving Newcastle 2030, our shared vision for a smart, liveable and sustainable city.