Financial Assistance - City Centre Special Rate-Payers

Applying for Financial Assistance

Following the Lord Mayor's successful amendment to the 2018-19 budget, Council resolved to provide financial assistance to businesses suffering financial hardship due to the construction of light rail in our city CBD.
This assistance is available to businesses located within the City Centre Benefit Special Rate Area. If your property is eligible, you are entitled to assistance amounting to 50 per cent of the amount of the 2018/19 City Centre Special Rate, which is itemised on the 2018/19 Rates and Charges Notice mailed to your postal address.
Financial assistance is available:
  • where the property is tenanted, to the tenant(s) of the property, or
  •  to the property owner - providing the property is solely owner occupied and no part of the property is tenanted.
To access this assistance, you (as the property owner) need to follow these steps:
  1. Pay at least the first quarterly rates instalment shown on your 2018/19 Rates and Charges Notice.
  2. Complete the application form which must be completed by both you and (where applicable) the tenant(s) of the property. Where more than one tenant occupies the property, a separate form is required for each tenant who requires assistance.
  3. Council will then provide financial assistance into your nominated bank account as shown on the application form. Please note, however, in completing the application, you as the property owner agree to pass on to the tenant(s) where applicable, 100 per cent of the financial assistance subsequently received from City of Newcastle.
Those listed on the application form(s) will be notified by email once the financial assistance payment is made to the nominated account. Application forms can be lodged with Council by:
By mail:
Chief Executive Officer
City of Newcastle
P O Box 489
In person:
City Administration Centre
282 King Street