Rates by email

Receive your rates notice via email

Getting rates emailed -- not sent via snail mail -- saves the city postage costs, reduces paper usage in a win for the environment and gives you a digital record to keep on file.
The money the city saves on postage fees is re-invested in other services and projects. Sign up today for a more convenient way to receive your rates. 

The following is a list of flyers that have been included in mailed rates notices

 Our Budget (pdf)
 Your Rates (pdf)
 Smarter Living (pdf)
 Free flood alert service (pdf)
 Bathers Way (pdf)
 Community Recycling Centres (pdf)
 Your rates 2018/2019 (pdf)
 Dogs in Open Space (pdf)
 Rates Notice Flyer April 2018 (pdf)
 Blackbutt Rates Notice Flyer October 2017 (pdf)
 Deferral of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (pdf)
*Mandatory Field 

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Privacy notice

We are committed to protecting your privacy and take reasonable steps to comply with all relevant legislation. The information is collected by us for the purpose of processing your application. Your personal information will be stored in accordance with relevant legislation and will only be accessed by authorised City of Newcastle Staff.

Purpose of Collection: Information required for rating purposes
Intended Recipients: City of Newcastle
Supply: Mandatory
Consequence of non-provision: Non process of application
Storage: Council's Electronic Document Management System
Retention Period: Records to be kept indefinitely