Submitting an Application to Council?

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Council no longer requires paper copies to be submitted with applications, associated to development and building.  All applications will be submitted on a USB or CD Rom. 
This change will provide the foundations for an electronic planning (e-planning) system, reduce the amount of paper produced and improve customer service.
To assist with processing of applications and the correct identification of documents you are requested to prepare your applications in accordance with the following document:

What changes are being made to the submission requirements for applications associated to development and/or building?

Since 2013, Council has required electronic copies of documents relating to applications, in addition to paper copies of documents.  Hard copy documents are no longer required to be submitted with applications. The only exceptions to this are linen plans relating to applications for subdivision certificates. 

What type of applications will require only electronic copies of plans?

Applications that can be lodged without hard copy documents include:

  • Development Applications (DA)
  • Construction Certificates (CC)
  • Pre-Development Applications
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Section 96 Applications
  • Subdivision Applications*
  • Section 82A Requests
  • Building Certificates
  • Section 138 Applications.

Why are the lodgement requirements being changed?

There are a number of benefits derived by moving to an entirely electronic system for applications.  They include:

  • The environmental benefit, reducing the amount of paper required to submit an application
  • Preparation for an e-planning system that will enable online submission of applications
  • Reduced printing and posting costs for both, the applicant and the Council
  • Increased efficiencies for both the applicant and Council associated with not maintaining paper files.

Can I lodge my application online or via an email?

Applications can be lodged:

1. By email meeting the following criteria:
  2. In person, at the Customer Contact Centre, located at 282 King Street, Newcastle. Call (02) 4974 2000 to book a lodgement appointment with the Duty Officer.

3. By mail: City of Newcastle, PO Box 489, Newcastle NSW 2300

Council is in the process of developing a number of on line tools including a system that will enable you to lodge applications on line.  If you would like to kept informed of the changes as they are implemented, please send an email to

Is an electronic copy of the application form and checklist required?

Yes, an electronic copy of the form and any applicable checklist are required.  It is recommended the form be completed electronically or scanned once all required signatures are provided, and included with the application.  Council's application forms can be accessed on our DA Forms and Checklists page
Any USB or CD rom should be submitted with a covering letter detailing what is contained on the USB or CD rom, including the address of the application and the type of application. 

How should the electronic files be prepared?

The files should be prepared in accordance with the document tiled  Plan Standards (pdf)  i.e. a description of the document, the address of the subject property and the date the document was prepared.

How will documents be returned to me?

All correspondence, including any stamped plans, will be returned via the nominated email on the application form.  Documents that exceed 8MB will be placed in Development and Building's Drop-box and made available for retrieval.