Planning Policies

There are a number of different plans and policies which Council uses when making decisions on future development.

Some policies are prepared by the NSW State Government and can be viewed on the  NSW Department of Planning website.

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy is a comprehensive land use strategy to guide the future growth and development of the City of Newcastle.  The Strategy underpins the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012 providing a land use planning platform to move towards a smarter, more liveable and sustainable Newcastle.

 Local Planning Strategy (pdf)
 Local Planning Strategy - Background Report (pdf 31mb)

Newcastle Employment Lands Strategy

The Newcastle Employment Lands Strategy was prepared by Hill PDA in 2013 to inform the draft Local Planning Strategy.

This Strategy draws together existing research and data with revised population forecasts and trend analysis to better understand the demand for a range of employment generating uses across the city comparative to supply. The strategy also seeks to promote economic growth to meet the needs of a growing population.

The document is available for download:

 Newcastle Employment Lands Strategy (pdf) 

Affordable Living Plan

Affordable living encompasses affordable housing, but also looks at other factors that affect affordability, and ensures that the hidden costs of inappropriately located or designed housing are not overlooked.   Affordable living is a holistic approach to achieving housing affordability and liveability and aligns with the Newcastle 2030 community vision to create a smart, liveable and sustainable global city.

 Newcastle Affordable Living Plan (pdf)

Hunter Regional Plan 2036

The Hunter Regional Plan 2036 is the NSW government's plan to guide land use planning and infrastructure priorities and decisions over the next 20 years.  The plan identifies regionally important natural resources, transport networks and social infrastructure and provides a framework to guide more detailed land use plans, development proposals and infrastructure funding decisions.  The plan includes overarching directions, goals and actions as well as specific priorities for each local government area in the Hunter region.

 Hunter Regional Plan 2036