Fees and Charges

The Price Tag

Minimum Fees 

Application Fee      $125.00 (non-refundable)
Venue Usage Fee   $ 61.15 (max 2 hours) 

Additional Fees

Rotunda/Shelter/Carriage Shed Hire   $ 97.00 (if applicable)
Electrical Access Fee                           $ 56.05 (single phase, if applicable)
Key Bond Fee                                      $170.00 (if applicable, where electrical access is required)

Additional Bits and Pieces

Ideally we'd like your application 1 month prior to your ceremony date. Last minute requests may be doable however we usually have to drop everything to get it done. (You'll be up for a late application fee of $229.30 if you submit your application inside 15 days of your ceremony date.)

Other fees and charges may apply (but not usually).

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