This That

Saturday 4 November 2017
14 days from now
1:30pm - 10pm

This That brings together good people, quality experience and quantities of good times. Whether it’s a road trip to the uber hub of Newcastle, or, a stroll through the parklands, THIS THAT is the event that is anticipated as the season’s purveyor of style and sensibility.

This That is proudly sponsored by Newcastle City Council.

The venue’s urban aspect will be accentuated and play host to a carnival styled colour and excitement:
  • Yatai Japanese Street Food Alleys
  • Artisan Markets Hunt & Gather curate a boutique retail experience
  • All That Exclusive lounge and bar with amenities and space
  • Craft & Artisan Bars Beer & Cider Stalls, Wine & Cocktail Bars
  • The Other Inhibition testing immersive activities and experience
This That is the where music meets life. It celebrates style, the city and its people.


A handpicked mix of ‘now’ and ‘it’, made up of international and local DJs, bands, musicians and performance that melds sinfully with the event environment that settles the cravings of the soul.

This That is not just entertainment, it’s a stage extravaganza weaved with experience, adventure and sensibility laid out on a lush parkland space to open up summer with super style….

This Stage……Open air stage of iconic festival moments set against a sunny beach backdrop featuring live acts crossing musical genres such as Electronica / Hip Hop / Pop [and a little touch of rock].

That Stage…..A big top bass bangin’ bowl heaving with DJ and electronica.

Other Stage…. Featuring cutting edge emerging electronic producers.

Froth and Fodder

Artisan produce made with passion and perseverance that provide not only unique taste, but immerses you in a multisensory experience.

Beer and Cider

  • Young Henry’s Ale
  • Six String Brewery Ale and Cider
  • East 9th Brewing Company Lick Pier Midnight Ginger Beer, Future Memoirs of a Root Beer
  • Pirate Life Brewery Throwback IPA


Cocktails, sun, socials and tunes…..fresh cut on all levels! Work your way around the bars and quench yourself on boutique bevvies.

Super Chill Vodka O Agave Blue Tequila Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky

The Festival Food Experience

Bringing more to the music, the festival food experience takes you on its own journey....

Fresh from the Yatai: Japanese Street Food

Get your fill of Japanese comfort food; from areas like Hokkaido and Hiroshima, this year's festival food will have alleys dedicated to regional specialties: miso ramen and okonomiyaki!

Feel like eating food in a market-like setting in a festival? Like Japan's infamous Fukuoka, you will be whisked away into Japanese styled enclave dotted with backstreet, laneway styled food stalls.
  • Nagisa Japanese Restaurant Gyoza Bar
  • Schillykickk Japanese Fusion Taco
  • Maverick Wings, Kimchi coleslaw
  • Shisofine Gyoza, Yakitori
  • Sakura on Wheels Udon, Teriyaki, tempura
  • Tsuru Japanese Fusion Street Fair
  • Festival Feasting

Truck and Trial Delights 

If you don't feel like traipsing your tastebuds around the world, we will have some festival delights on offer as trucks, sweet treats and Newcastle's own savoury treasures for you to discover.

  • Meet Food Truck Smoking American Style BBQ
  • Waroo BBQ Lamb
  • Agape Organic Street Food
  • El Poco Loco Modern Mexican Food
  • Mrs Piggy Wheels Bacon Rolls, Pulled Pork & Prosciutto Roll

The Edwards Cafe

Direct from the post-industrial architecture of Newcastle’s west end, The Edwards steps out into This That as the VIP caterer. Owners Chris Joannou and Chris Johnston have curated a festival special menu for an exclusive VIP space that provides a superbly designed environment offering good hearty food, a great café culture that is all anchored within Newcastle’s favourite festival floorplan .

If you’re not hungry, saddle up to the bar. The VIP Bar will be matched to the menue with The Edwards offerring up an integrated froth and fodder menu.

Interactivity and The Retail Experience 

Hunt and Gather Markets

Newcastle ’s own Hunt and Gather Markets will curate and provide a boutique retail experience that showcases their cultural innovations via a carefeully curated mix of local artisans and style icons. Spend some time in this immersive experience with some artisan retail therapy.

The Other

Another world full of spectacle and a place to get delightfully lost. Enter the portal and be pampered, painted all over to transform into your wildest alter ego bathed in glitter . The Other is the ultimate uber chill zone, a tech savvy sensory surrounding space to chill…..or thrill !

The Dazzle Dolls

Straight off the plane from Ibizia’s summer circuit, the Dazzle Dolls will adorn you in tribal, animal body print, turn your beard into a glitter jungle of its own, and upstyel your hair with feathery and flower filled extensions.

The Other Stage

There’s music there too! Over on the Other Stage, you’ll be treated to the best emerging producers in the electronic scene playing B2B sets across Trap, House, and Techno.

The Imaginarium

An interactive technological performance / chill zone space that immerses the patron into 3D mapped environment mixed with cutting edge live projection and tech house performance. You enter the space and become part of the art.

Further information

For all other information on transport options, frequently asked questions and conditions of entry see  This That website

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  • Final release $127.25
  • VIP $167.95


Wickham Park