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Have your say on Community Participation Plan (CPP)

Community Participation Plan

Exhibition of draft Community Participation Plan

Community Participation Plan

The Draft Community Participation Plan details how and when the City of Newcastle will engage with the community across the planning functions it performs under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Planning functions may include plan making, preparation of a planning strategy or making decisions on a proposed development. The Plan is a required under the relevant NSW planning legislation and is due to be in place by 1 December 2019.

The overall aim is to enhance opportunities for the community to participate in planning decisions and guide planning outcomes. In doing so, the Plan intends to make it easier for everyone to get involved.

Public exhibition period
You are welcome to make comments during the public exhibition from Monday 29 July to Sunday 25 August 2019. It's available for viewing in hard copy at:

  • The City Administration Centre, 282 King Street, Newcastle
  • Newcastle Region Library, Laman Street, Newcastle

Review the Plan online

Draft Community Participation Plan

Written comments should be sent by

email: mail@ncc.nsw.gov.au
or mail:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Newcastle
Attention: Coordinator Urban Planning
PO Box 489

Submissions close 5pm on Sunday 25 August 2019. Please reference 'Draft Community Participation Plan' in the title of your submission.

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