Danger: Trolls Ahead - Ginger Gorman at Newcastle Library

Tuesday 3 September
14 days from now
6 - 7pm
1 hour

Australian journalist and author of the book 'Troll Hunting', Ginger Gorman will explore the pitfalls of living in the online world. Ginger was herself a victim of vicious internet trolling. This led her to spend five years talking to psychologists, trolling victims, law enforcement, academics and, most importantly, trolls themselves.

In this talk she explains trolling is a spectrum of behaviours with mild pranks at one end and hate crimes – like the Christchurch massacre – at the other. Ginger will show us how we can reclaim the internet’s great potential and make it safer for everyone. She will give practical tips on how to keep yourself safe online and support others who are being bullied.

This event is part of National e-Smart Week which runs from Sunday 1 September - Saturday 7 September. e-Smart week is when libraries and schools come together to help create awareness, solutions and ideas for community education on issues such as cyber safety, bullying and the responsible use of technology. Join us for our special eSmart events designed to help keep you and your family stay safe online.

Cost: Free
Bookings essential.


  • Tuesday 03 September 2019 6:00 PM
No additional fees apply to this event.



Lovett Gallery
Newcastle Library
15 Laman Street