Health & Wellbeing

Consumer Health Complete - Plain English health and medical information from encyclopedias, reference books and magazine articles: Tutorial.

Drug info @ your library - Free drug alcohol information online and in your local public library.

Gale Virtual Reference Library - A collection of encyclopaedias and eBooks on health topics including illnesses, health and nutrition, fitness, mental health and more.

Health & Wellness Resource Centre - Medical reference books and journals on health and health related topics with alternative and complimentary medicine included.

Lab Tests Online - Information about pathology testing that is accurate, reliable and independent. Managed by the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists.

Multicultural Health Communication Service - More than 450 updated health publications in a wide range of languages.

Patientinfo - A Hunter and New England health information website put together by clinicians working in our local area. Resources and links are evidence based and up-to-date.