Catchments & Waterways

No matter where you live in Newcastle you live in a catchment. A catchment is an area of land that drains eventually to a single point.

Energy & Resource Management

Council is responsible for undertaking, managing, supporting and regulating a wide range of activities to reduce the impact upon the environment.

Environmental Education

Find out about the diverse environmental education activities Council is delivering across Newcastle.

Environmental Health

Protect yourself and the environment around you and learn more about the regulations to ensure Newcastle remains a great place to live, work and visit.


Flooding is a natural process caused by rare storms that occur infrequently and can include heavy rainfall, strong winds and elevated sea levels.


By working with the community to manage stormwater effectively we are improving water quality that ends up in Newcastle waterways and on our beaches.

Urban Forest - Trees

Looking for information about trees in Newcastle? Planting? Regulations? Get your questions answered here.

Bush Fire

A bush fire prone area is an area with the potential to support a bush fire or be subject to bush fire attack.

Coast & River

Newcastle's coastline and river is home to a diversity of internationally important plants and animals. These areas can be subject to a range of environmental hazards including erosion, inundation and cliff instability


Our vision is to preserve and protect biodiversity of our natural environment, and to foster community awareness and participation in sustainable natural resource management for Newcastle.

Historical Waratah gasworks site

Newcastle City Council has completed an environmental investigation at the site of an historical gasworks in Waratah.