Tree Planting

Page hero image Council has identified tree planting as an important component in achieving the goals of the  Urban Forest Policy (pdf), in particular to sustain and expand Newcastle's urban forest on an intergenerational basis.

The    Street Tree Selection Manual (pdf) was adopted by Council on Tuesday 21 February 2012. The plan details the rationale and methodology underpinning street tree planting in Newcastle. The overall objective of the plan is to improve the selection and health of street trees in Newcastle. The plan will provide Council with the information it needs to decide what trees should be planted and where. Council currently has a tree replacement program under the banner of Living Streets which involves the planting of 30,000 trees across Newcastle over the next 20 years. Council commits funds annually for new planting.

Over time, it will provide a tree canopy to the network of streets throughout the city which reflects the distinct character of the various precincts throughout Newcastle.

The  Street Tree Selection Manual (pdf) has been developed for a variety of applications including:
  • Development Applications
  • Major Infrastructure Projects and High Profile Areas
  • Residential Streets.
Council removed a street tree from in front of my house, will a replacement be planted?
Do residents pay for tree planting in their streets?
How will the ‘right’ tree species be selected for my street?
What is the planting process?
Who will maintain the new trees planted in my street?
May I prune the new street tree in front of my house?
Should I top-up the mulch at the base of the street tree?
Can I plant a tree of my choice?
What if people plant trees on public land without Council approval?
How can I get a new tree planted or be involved in tree planting in my street?
Can I plant flowers, veges or other plants at the base of the street tree or in the nature strip in general?
Planting large trees for the future
Streets to be planted in 2019

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