Citizen of the Year 2019

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Does the nominee currently live and /or work in the Newcastle Local Government Area?
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What is the nominee's age as at 26 January 2018?
Two Referees
Selection Criteria for Citizen of the Year 2018
Describe your nominee's contributions. How are they an inspirational role model? How have they demonstrated excellence in their field and to the community and why is their contribution considered extraordinary?
Does your nominee inspire through demonstrated leadership, innovation or creativity? Please list other achievements and contributions you think should be taken into account by the judges
Describe the benefits that your nominee's contribution have brought to individuals, community organisations, or the community in general.
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Upload copies of additional documents such as letters of commendation, awards the nominee has received, press articles and any other relevant information to support this nomination.
I declare that the information about the nominee and his/her achievements or contribution contained in this nomination is to my knowledge true and accurate.


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