Improved Transport

Driverless public shuttle

City of Newcastle has welcomed the arrival of the City's first driverless vehicle ahead of an Australia-first trial which will see it operate in traffic and connect with other public transport modes.
The driverless, 12-person vehicle will undergo rigorous safety testing under the supervision of transport operator Keolis Downer before it commences the trial in coming months.

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Helping you park

We’re working with the EasyPark app to introduce easier ways to find a park and pay for your stay. With more than 100,000 people already downloading the EasyPark app, our community is right on board to pay online. Later this year we will introduce a feature which helps identify and direct you to available parks in the city.

Electric transit hub

No. 2 Sportsground and car park in Newcastle West is being transformed into an E-Transit Hub. With a 200-car space weekday parking capacity, the site ideally located on the fringe of the CBD, is perfect for the installation of electric transport infrastructure. This includes Electric Vehicle Charge points with a solar carpark cover and battery storage as well as an E-Bike for travel into the city.

Electric vehicle charging stations

To reduce carbon emissions, support and promote the expansion of electronic vehicles, we’re installing renewably-powered public charge points across the city. Just another way we’re supporting a smart, liveable, sustainable global future.

Improving the flow of traffic

To help us ease congestion and ensure flow of traffic movement, we’ll have a range of traffic sensors installed across the city that gathers data which will be used to make evidence-based decisions on road upgrades. This data will be accessible to help people make decisions about where and when to drive.