Sustainable Future

Solar farm

We’re building a 5MW solar farm at Summerhill, the largest landfill solar farm in Australia. The solar farm will provide over 50% of the City of Newcastle’s electricity and reduce our emissions by 6,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Covering an area of around five football fields on a capped landfill which was once part of the Wallsend Borehole Colliery, the solar farm's 14,500 photovoltaic solar arrays will help dramatically reduce the city's annual electricity bill.

Bin sensors

Instead of our waste crews doing full rounds to empty our bins when they may not be full, our new smart bins in public spaces will have sensors that can detect when they need emptying, reducing overflowing bins and saving driving time.

Street lighting

Our new smart street poles save energy with LED and have smart lighting controls allowing lights to be dimmed when not needed, further reducing energy use.

We’re also changing over existing street lighting to LED, allowing us to save energy, money and carbon emissions.

Environmental monitoring

We’re rolling out an environmental monitoring network to help us understand air quality (smell, dust, pollution), temperature, humidity and a range of other features. This data will be shared and can be used to help us identify areas of improvement.