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Event Parking Information

The parking of motor vehicles on footpaths and nature strips is illegal. The practice creates hazards for vehicles and pedestrians and creates impacts both on public infrastructure and the environment.

City of Newcastle enforces the NSW Road Rules about parking on footpaths and nature strips. This is of particular concern at large events. Large numbers of vehicles and pedestrians move to and from the event, both at day and night. Vehicles parked on paths and nature strips create public safety risks. Blocking access to driveways impacts on businesses and residents in the area, while parking on driveways obstructs safe passage for pedestrians.

If you park on the strip of land between the property boundary and the kerb, your vehicle is parked illegally and fines may apply even if the area is not signposted.

During major events you are encouraged to use public transport, or arrive early to find a safe and legal parking space. Before attending large events, check the event website for public transport and parking options.

Things to remember

  • Do NOT cause a traffic hazard or obstruct the path of vehicles or pedestrians
  • Do NOT park across a driveway or footpath
  • Do NOT park on footpaths and nature strips
  • Do NOT park within 10 metres of an intersection (without traffic lights).

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