Ticket and Timed Parking

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Paid parking

Paid parking operates at various times throughout the city centre – please check kerbside signs for hours of operation.

Outside the times indicated, parking is free and unrestricted. Sometimes other parking conditions may still apply so please check the information on the kerbside signs before you park your vehicle.

Weekend parking

Rediscover Newcastle city centre on the weekend and enjoy free, unrestricted parking from 12noon Saturday and all day Sunday in most locations. Discover quirky shops, grab a coffee or enjoy a long lunch. Free parking applies in most areas of City West, Civic and some areas in City East and The Hill. Check on street signage when you park your car.

Paid parking still applies at

  • Honeysuckle
  • Newcastle Foreshore
  • Newcastle East
  • City West and Civic Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings
  • City East and The Hill Monday to Friday.

Ticket Parking Meters

Parking meters are located in many Newcastle streets and are pay and display ticket meters. Parking meters accept 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2 coins and credit cards.

What do I need to do in a ticket parking location?

After parking your car, check the signs and locate the nearest ticket parking meter (or next closest if necessary) for the area. Follow instructions on the ticket parking meter to purchase a ticket, and display the ticket face up on the dashboard of your vehicle.

The onus is on you as the driver to purchase and display a parking ticket as soon as you park your car.

A ticket is not valid unless displayed face up on the dashboard, with the expiry time and all other inscriptions visible to a parking officer from outside of the car. Check this before leaving your car.

When do I need to purchase a ticket for?

After parking your car, check the signs if the sign stipulates 'TICKET' locate the nearest ticket parking meter (or next closest if necessary) for the area.

How to use a ‘Pay & Display’ Ticket Parking Meters

  1. Walk to the nearest ticket meters, you may need to cross the road
  2. Insert coin(s) or credit card
  3. For credit card payments select time required and confirm
  4. Push the button to print your ticket
  5. Collect your ticket and place into in your car dashboard, so that it is visible from outside the car.

Parking fees

Parking fees are different at different locations. Check out the   Fees and Charges  (pdf) for a full run down of parking meter fees and car park fees.

What to do if the ticket parking meter is out of order

If the meter is not working or you notice a fault, please contact Council's Parking Meter Fault line on 1300 373 077. Please note, if the meter or ticket meter is out of order, time limits still apply.

Why do we need parking restrictions?

Demand for on-street parking spaces in Newcastle is very high.

Parking restrictions are in operation to encourage a regular turnover of parking bays, giving residents, workers, businesses and visitors a reasonable chance of finding parking. These restrictions are regularly enforced to ensure the safe and fair use of on-street parking spaces across the City.

Without regular patrols the limited number of parking spaces would be occupied continuously by the same vehicles, reducing the amount of parking available for others to access services and facilities of a particular street or commercial centre.

What if I accidentally displayed my ticket facedown?

If a parking ticket is not displayed properly (e.g. displayed facedown or slipped off the dashboard), parking officers are unable to determine whether the vehicle is legally parked. Any car parked in a ticketed area without correctly displaying a parking ticket may receive a parking fine.

Refer to the review process available to you if this occurs.

Do I need to purchase a ticket on public holidays?

After parking your car, check the signs if the sign posting stipulates 'Public holidays included' then you do need to purchase a ticket. If the words 'Public holidays included' are not on the sign posting then no ticket is required.

Reporting Ticket Parking Meters

If you do encounter a problem and would like further information about what you should do, call 1300 373 077 (the number is displayed on the ticket parking meter) at the time you encounter the problem. The call centre staff member will log your call, give you a reference number and alert a technician.

Alternatively you can complete the Report a ticket parking meter online form.

Please be advised that if you report a fault that we have no connection with the Parking officers, and can give no guarantee you will not be issued with a parking penalty notice.

If the ticket parking meter is found to be operational, any penalty notice issued may stand.

If the ticket parking meter displays use next meter, a payment must be made into the next available ticket parking meter.

Please note that the time stipulated on the sign posting applies from the time of arrival.

Ticket parking meters accept coins and credit cards if the credit card function is unavailable a coin payment must be made.