Waste Education for Schools

Council offers school groups the opportunity to track the contents of local bins, following the separate paths taken by garbage and recyclables from our city.

Class Excursions

Council's Waste Educators provide tours of the  Summerhill Waste Management Centre for Newcastle school and community groups. If your school is out of the Newcastle City Council area, please contact your local council for a list of their waste education programs.

The tours can be tailored to classes from Year 2 and above, offering an appropriate level of information for each age group.

To get your school involved, call Council's Waste Education Team on 02 4974 2848 or complete the  Waste Education Request Form.

School Activities

Council's Waste Educators offers classroom talks suitable for K-12. Presentation topics include recycling, worm farming, composting, landfill management, litter and marine debris issues.

Equipment and information is also available for loan to help schools conduct waste audits. A waste audit can give students a 'hands on' learning experience, as well as providing valuable data for waste management planning. Waste Educators can also assist with the waste minimisation component of the school's environmental plan.

To schedule an activity, call Council's Waste Education Team on 02 4974 2848 or complete the  Waste Education Request Form.

Worksheets, fact sheets and suggestions for activities, for both Primary and Secondary students, are available below.

Primary school resources:

  1.  Waste Audit Worksheet (pdf)
  2.  Compost in a Bottle Activity Sheet (pdf)
  3.  Seedling Experiment (pdf)
  4.  Compost Colour-In (pdf)
  5.  Recycling Activity Sheets (pdf)
  6.  Low Waste Lunch Information Pack (pdf)

Secondary school resources:

  1.  Waste Audit Worksheet (pdf)
  2.  Low Waste Lunch Information Pack (pdf)

Environmental education activities provided by other organisations

Wetlands Environmental Education Centre

The Wetlands Environmental Education Centre offers a range of excursion opportunities for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Programs promote the integration of environmental education with all key learning areas as indicated in the NSW Environmental Education Policy for Schools (2001).

Please visit the Wetlands Environmental Education Centre website for more information and booking details.

Hunter Water

Hunter Water's "Bubble and Supa Squirt" water saving education show teaches students the importance of saving water and following the Lower Hunter’s Water Wise Rules.

The hilarious show is filled with fun and laughter, catering for students from K-6. Participating students receive an exercise book filled with fun activities and further water saving tips. The show is funded by Hunter Water to be provided free of charge to schools in its area. Full information, including how to book a show, is available by visiting the Hunter Water website.

Hunter Waste Education Group

Council's Waste Educators are members of the  Hunter Waste Education Group. The Group consists of local and state government educators from the Hunter Region who focus on waste and sustainability education. The Group is launching a new Hunter wide waste campaign with a number of TV and YouTube ads. Visit  Small Acts Big Change for more information.