Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the cost to hire a space?

Venue hire prices vary depending on the date, event times and style of event. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

What happens if I need to change my event or access times?

If your event or access times change from the times included in your hiring agreement you may be required to pay additional venue hire and/or staffing fees. If this occurs please notify your event coordinator as soon as possible. 

How far in advance can bookings be made?

Bookings can be made as far in advance as you wish.

How much notice do you need to accommodate a booking on short notice?

If your booking request is within 14 days please phone the office on 4974 2166(*1) and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note all venue hire payments must be paid prior to the event.

How long will you hold a booking for without a deposit?

A tentative booking may be held for up to seven business days. In the event that someone else challenges for the date within this period you will have until the end of the seven days to confirm the booking and after this time the hold will be released.

What is included with the venue hire?

Venue hire includes room setup (including tables and chairs) as requested. One wired microphone and lectern are included in the venue hire price. Additional audio visual equipment will attract extra charges. Black linen will be provided for non-catered events, and white linen, crockery and glassware is included for catered events. Venue hire also includes complimentary wifi, flipchart, whiteboard, notepads & pens upon request. Venue staff are also included in your venue hire and will be on call for the duration of your event.

What isn't included with the venue hire?

  • Decorations
  • AV equipment in excess of one wired microphone and lectern (included in venue hire)
  • Audiovisual technicians

What do I have to do to confirm a booking?

To confirm your venue hire booking you will need to pay the full venue hire amount and sign a venue hire agreement. If you have received a quote and would like to confirm your booking please contact us.

Which days can I come and view a space?

Site visits can be scheduled during the hours of 9:00am - 4:30pm. If you would like to schedule a visit outside of these hours we can sometimes accommodate this so please contact us with your request.

Are all the spaces air-conditioned?

All spaces are air-conditioned at Newcastle City Hall.

Is there hearing loop available in the venues?

The following venues and rooms have hearing loop available: City Hall: Concert Hall and Mulubinba Room.

If you require the use of this feature for your event please ensure to let your event coordinator know.

What sort of entertainment am I allowed for my event?

Most bands, DJ and entertainers are allowed within Newcastle Venues. If you are engaging more 'out of the box' entertainers such as performers or live acts it is best to check this with your event coordinator. All third party suppliers must provide a copy of the public liability insurance to Newcastle Venues and depending on the nature of the activity may be required to submit a risk assessment.

Do you have security at the venue?

Security at City Hall is provided by the venue commissionaires, who are all trained in security. Please contact your event coordinator if you have any specific security concerns.

What accommodation options are there nearby?

Please see the Visit Newcastle website for nearby accommodation.

How much notice do I have to give to postpone a booking?

A minimum of 14 days notice (10 business days) is required to postpone an event. This is applicable for one postponement only and the event must be rebooked within 12 months.

Any request to postpone an event received within 14 days of the hire date will be treated as a cancellation and the venue hire amount paid will be forfeited.

How much notice do I have to give to cancel a confirmed booking?

Newcastle Venues all have the following cancellation terms (which are included in the hiring agreement):
Room Hire - all Venues
 0 - 90 days of event   Forfeiture of full room hire
 91 - 270 days of event  Refund 50% of full room hire
 >270 days from event  Refund 100% of full room hire

Staffing - all Venues

Staffing costs will be refunded if the Hirer provides Council more than 72 hours notice prior to The Function.
Staffing costs will not be refunded if the Hirer provides Council less than 72 hours notice prior to the Function.

Harvest & Soul Catering
 0-7 days of event  Forfeiture of full catering
 8-14 days of event  Refund 50% of full catering
 >14 days from event   Refund 100% of full catering

All refunds are subject to an administration charge of fifty ($50.00) dollars GST inclusive.
The notice period under this clause is taken to be from the Hire date or the first date of Hire where Hire is for consecutive days.
Cancellations must be given in writing to:
  Newcastle City Council
  Attention Civic Services
  PO Box 489
  Newcastle NSW 2300
  Fax: 02 4974 2172

Does Newcastle Venues have an exclusive decorator?

No, Newcastle Venues does not have an exclusive decorator, however Cupid's Corner are the preferred decorator of Newcastle Venues and are able to access the venues at any time to set up décor for events. Cupid's Corner can be contacted on: or 0403 284 232.

Can I use my own decorator?

Yes you are welcome to use an external decorator. They will need to provide a copy of their public liability insurance to Newcastle Venues and you will need to ensure that they are able to complete the set up and pack down of all décor within the venue access times booked for your event.

Can I do my own decorating?

Yes you are welcome to provide your own décor. Please see the restrictions on décor below. Any decorating done above head height needs to be completed by an insured decorator.

What time can I access the venue to set up my decorations?

Decorations need to be set up within the access time as written in your hiring agreement. This also applies to third party suppliers such as decorators, AV suppliers or entertainment.

Are there any restrictions around what types of decorations I can have in the venue?

  • Decorations hung above head height need to be installed by a professional decorator.
  • Candles and tea lights must be contained in holders (glass votive).
  • Adhesives such as sticky tape should not be used on painted venue surfaces.
  • You must receive written permission to include the following items: confetti, rice, rose petals, bubbles, floor standing candelabras, unweighted helium balloons (as they interfere with fire alarms), special effects, open flame.
  • All electrical items such as fairy lights must be tagged and tested.
  • The use of smoke/haze machines is not permitted.
  • All decorations must be set up and removed within the access period of your venue hire. Newcastle Venues does not have space to store decorations on the premises.
  • Newcastle Venues staff cannot be responsible for the set up or pack down of decorations.

Am I permitted to bring my own caterer?

Self-catering is not permitted within Newcastle Venues. Harvest and Soul are the exclusive caterers at Newcastle City Hall. No other caterer is permitted to cater for City Hall. All catering through Harvest & Soul is to be organised through your event coordinator.

Am I allowed to bring in my own alcohol?

BYO alcohol is not permitted at Newcastle Venues.

Can I have a menu tasting?

If you would like to book a menu tasting with Harvest & Soul this can be organised through your event coordinator.
Harvest & Soul tastings are $150.00 and include 3 courses of 3 selections per course, or $120.00 for 2 selections per course. For tasting 1 meal portion per 2 guests per selection is served.

Newcastle Venues Team
Phone: 02 4974 2166