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Pin the city's art
help us map our creative city

Pin the city's art

Public art is an important part of the city's changing landscape. It tells our stories and brings life to the streets. There are many hidden works tucked away in secret spots across Newcastle. 

Thanks for helping us capture the diverse artworks and create a record to celebrate the creativity of this city. 

A day in the life of public art in Newcastle

Frequently asked questions

We are collecting responses until the end of July 2019. Following that we will collate the information, with the option to undertake the data capture again in the future. 
The city is changing which means our public art will also evolve. This project is about mapping a moment in time and is not about preservation or taking ownership over the management of artwork.
The information will be collated and stored by our library collections team. This will then become part of our City's record. Your personal information will not be shared.

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