Demolition of King Street Car Park


We demolished the multi storey car park at 92 King Street due to its age and poor structural integrity, and concerns around public safety. Works began in September 2021 and were completed in September 2022.

Our work included:

  • Demolition of the seven-storey car park, including the Laing Street skybridge and King Street entrance ramp.
  • Disconnection of services, and protection of the Ausgrid Substation located in the building's lower floor.
  • Removal of all hazardous and demolished materials.

What has been done?

We began work in September 2021, establishing the site and wrapping the building with stretch plastic to create negative air pressure within the structure. This helped us safely remove materials containing asbestos from the site.

We then removed more than 13,000 asbestos former pods and have installed three acoustic shelters around the rooftop diesel generators.

We installed a 60-metre protective reinforced concrete culvert over the high voltage cables servicing the substation in the basement and a protective structure around the substation. We also finished removing 3,250 tonnes of contaminated soil from the building's basement area.

Following this we began hard demolition works, which was completed in September 2022.

Now that demolition is complete, the ground floor slab along Laing Street has been left in place, and exposed earth sections of the site sealed to prevent run-off and minimise dust. To protect the site, it has been fully fenced with a 2.4m plywood fence.

For more information call 4974 2000.

Hard demolition commenced in May 2022.Hard demolition progressing well in June 2022.

Hard demolition continued throughout July 2022.

Hard demolition was finalised in September.