Shepherds Hill - Cottage Restoration

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Cottage restoration

Restoration work is underway on Shepherds Hill cottage.  The cottage has stood watch over the city from atop King Edward Park since the 1890s. 

The work is being done by City of Newcastle under the supervision of a heritage architect.

The cottage is being restored and repaired in accordance with approval from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).  Work includes a new roof and plumbing, repair of wooden windows and renewal of cladding, posts and beams and removal of unauthorised extensions, read the   scope of approved repairs (pdf).

Conservation Management Plan

 draft Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Shepherds Hill Defence Group (pdf) has been prepared and was exhibited in October 2018.  Heritage consultants, City Plan Heritage (CPH) finalised the CMP where only minor changes were made to the exhibited CMP -              summary of changes provided by CPH (pdf).   A copy of the version submitted to OEH can be found here -   draft Shepherds Hill Defence Group CMP version submitted to OEH April 2019.

The CMP considers adaptive re-use options for the cottage and the whole of the Defence Group.  Once finalised and endorsed by OEH, the CMP will be updated on the web.