Clothing for every occasion: Miss Porter's House Museum

Sunday 9 June 2019
Clothing for every occasion: Miss Porter's House Museum
See homemade clothing and textiles 1910-1997 made by Florence Porter and her daughters Ella and Hazel. On display are clothes and accessories for everyday use, the office, outings and special occasions, plus exquisite crochet, lace and embroidered household linens. Marvel at re-purposed clothing and the mending and darning of yesteryear.

The Porter women were prolific producers of clothing and household textiles and one of Florence’s early purchases was a sewing machine. Fabrics on display will range from the cottons, wools and silks of the nineteenth century to the synthetics of later years. Visitors can see rayon, nylon and terylene and some of the splendid collection of crimplene items. Clothing from underwear to business suits and everyday dresses will be exhibited together with accessories and items for the home.

The Porters were award-winning craftspeople producing lace, crochet and embroidered linens and later embraced stencilled fabric and basket work. Almost everything for their home was homemade. For much of the twentieth century women’s work also involved making-over and mending. The displays also show re-purposed clothing, the mending and darning of yesteryear and the creative reuse of fabrics. The vests with calico backs and knitted fronts are favourite examples. So, make a trip to Newcastle West and join us to see these and other fascinating exhibits.
Miss Porter’s House Museum, 434 King Street, Newcastle West
Sunday 9th June 1pm – 4pm
Adults $10, Concessions $8, Family $25, children under 5 free
Enquiries 4927 0202
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Miss Porter's House Museum
434 King Street
Newcastle West