Friday 7 June to Sunday 30 June 2019

Opening Friday 7 June at The All Story is Southerns, an exhibition featuring over thirty local and international artists reimagining classic Australian stories and characters. This show will entertain, provoke, and offer new ways of seeing your old favourites: from film and literature to urban legends.

Southerns will be the first exhibition to be held at The All Story, a new gallery and store in Newcastle. A diverse mix of contemporary artists, cartoonists, and children’s picture book illustrators have been invited to participate in the show, which has resulted in a wildly diverse range of interpretations. While some artists celebrate the cultural impact of films such as Mad Max and television shows such as Round The Twist, others reflect on changing social views with modern readings of the work of May Gibbs and other canonised authors.

Four international artists, Beatrice Alemanga, John Broadley, Dana Sherwood, and Antoine Cossé have all produced radically different takes on Picnic at Hanging Rock - showing the wide-reaching and long-lasting influence of the film. Local artist Mandy Ord has inserted herself into the world of her childhood favourite book, The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek, while Tom Gerrard has immortalised Eric Bana’s beloved comic character Poida.

“Southerns is a way of understanding what our myths and storytelling say about us. Australian stories often feature monsters and haunted landscapes, but there are just as many heroic misfits, larrikins, and places of wonder. Horror and comedy are common threads and they’re frequently woven together to the point that it’s hard to tell them apart” says Heath Killen, curator and director of The All Story

“One of the major themes that has emerged through this show is memory, the lasting impact that certain works have on us and how that memory changes through time. Our hope is that people will come to this show because it features stories that they’re familiar with, and stories that they love, but that they come away with new perspectives on them”

As its inaugural exhibition, Southerns will also showcase some of the many themes and disciplines that will be explored at The All Story throughout its first year and beyond. It will be a place that treats graphic novels and fine art with the same degree of respect, and provides events for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.

Southerns opens at 6pm on Friday 7 June and will be on show until Sunday 30 June 2019, at The All Story, 7 Robert Street Wickham. 



The All Story
7 Robert Street