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Living Christmas Streets

Residents in Bruce Street, Cooks Hill where in the festive spirit, decorating their new street trees.
Bruce-Street,-Cooks-Hill-xmas-street-trees.pngCity of Newcastle staff and residents planted these Watergum Luscious in July 2018 as part of our street tree planting program.

If you are interested in having your street planted you could have discussions with your neighbours and others in your street to canvas their views. If enough people are interested then you can gather signatures and complete a community street tree planting request form and lodge it with Council for consideration as a whole of street planting.

Slip, slop, slap

Summer is heating up. Here are some tips to keep your garden green and healthy.
  1. Slip on some mulch. Check that the mulch in your garden is still thick and effective.  A layer of 5cm – 10cms should be sufficient. Mulch is a great way to reduce moisture loss from your soil, slow weed growth and provide nutrients for your trees and plants. Keep mulch away from the stems of plants to avoid rotting (make a small ‘well’ around each). Ensure you buy mulch from a sustainable and uncontaminated source and remember grass clippings is not good mulch and does more harm than good. Compost your clippings instead.
  2. Slop on the water. If you planted sensibly by using local natives, planted densely and in groups water loss should be a minimum. Consider using recylced greywater as long as it is not on veges and try and water early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporative loss. If you have a new street tree out the front of your property a bucket of water on the very hot days will give the tree a much needed drink. Thank you.
  3. Slap in some new plants next Autumn. During Summer think about the design of your garden so that you are ready for Autumn which is the best time to put in new trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Remember local natives will require the least amount of maintenance. They are suited to local soils and climate and have the added bonus of attracting local native wildlife.

Street Tree Planting Program

In Autumn 2019 City of Newcastle's street tree planting program is scheduled for delivery in the following streets:
Street Suburb
Anna Place Wallsend
Benjamin Drive
Birchgrove Drive
Boambee Close
Coorong Close
Douglas Street
Gunambi Street
Macquarie Street (Charlotte to Boundary Streets)
Marcus Avenue
Neilson Street (Macquarie to High Streets)
Nelson Street (Macquarie to Wentworth Streets)
Oliver Place
Stapleton Street (Douglas Street to Peters Avenue)
Urara Parade
Wentworth Street (Tyrrell to Neilson Streets)
Lucas Crescent Adamstown Heights
Princeton Avenue
Fletcher Street (Date to Ninth Streets) Adamstown
Brunker Road (Awaba to Koree) Broadmeadow
Denney Street (Australia to Curley Road)
Denison Street (Samdon to Steel) Hamilton
Everton Street (Lawson to Beaumont Street)
Gordon Avenue (Tudor to Parry Street)
Tudor Street (Gordont to Parry Street)
Dent Street North Lambton
Hansen Place Shortland
Nickson Street Bar Beach
Snedden Street
Sketchley Parade New Lambton
Smith Street Mayfield East
Woodstock Street (Bull to Industrial Hwy) Mayfield
Rembrandt Drive (Sunhill to View Street) Merewether Heights
Wilkinson Avenue (Tillie to Cunningham Streets) Birmingham Gardens

We have identified tree planting as an important component in achieving the goals of the Urban Forest Policy, in particular to sustain Newcastle's urban forest on an intergenerational basis.